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Together, we will help you create E-COMMERCE websites unique to your brand with an easy-to-use platform.

For every type of E-COMMERCE you plan to do, Bestweb has a solution for you and gives you all the tools you need. See why you should trust BESTWEB to grow your business.

  • Business to Consumer (B2C)
  • Business to Business (B2B)
  • Consumer to Consumer (C2C)
  • Consumer to Business (C2B)

Why Choose BESTWEB platform


Security is one of the most important factors for each business. In our platform, all sensitive data is encrypted and stored according to the guidelines set forth by PCI DA-DSS.

Ease of use

Our E-COMMERCE solution is extremely easy to use for everyone.

Customers find it very easy to search products, compare them, save to wish-list, add to cart and checkout.

Managing store is also super easy for Merchants with an easy interface to manage products, orders, and promotions.

Warehouse and Shipping Managers find it easy to create shipments and manage inventory.

Adaptive responsive design

Our adaptive responsive design offers seamless user experience and looks amazing on any device; including mobile phones, tablets, and ultra-high definition desktops.

Integrated Service

As we are expert in other aspects such as Marketing and SEO, you can make sure you will have full service. We offer everything you need to market your products and increase product awareness through search engine optimisation and social media marketing.

Social Media

It’s easy to share products on social media with our platform. Customers can rate and review products either as guests or by logging in to the site. Store manager can approve reviews prior to publishing and edit or delete them if necessary.

We are local

Based in Sydney, we can provide you with the best local service.

E-Commerce Complete Solution

You can be MULTI with us

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Independently setup and manage as many stores as you like on a single portal.


Offer your products to your customers in their preferred language.


You can sell in any currency. Forex extensions automatically update exchange rates in real-time.

Multiple Payment methods

With Visa & Master card, PayPal and more

Have a closer look at our platform capabilities

Different options on pricing make your business powerful.

  • REGULAR PRICE: Prices can be shown with or without taxes; including optional suffix such as "Inc Tax" or "Excl Tax".
  • SALE PRICE: On Sale is a great tool to market your products and draw the customers’ attention. You can schedule the sale for items you like to be effective between a specific date range or any other setting you’d like.
  • SPECIAL PRICE: You can manage to have a special price other than regular price for your special customers such as members-only pricing.
  • TIERED PRICE: Create tiered pricing when buying multiple quantities.
  • CALL FOR PRICE: Don’t want to advertise a price for a special product? Ask the customers to call you instead.
  • DISABLE BUY BUTTON: Disable the buy button when you don’t want a customer to purchase the product but still want it visible in the product catalogue.

Have the luxury of different features on your product catalogue.

  • PRODUCTS CATALOGUE: Build your product catalogue with no restrictions. Our platform supports unlimited products, variations, manufacturers, nested categories.
  • VARIATIONS: Variations allow you to manage pricing, images and inventory for products that come in more than one option. For example, a shirt that is available in multiple colours and sizes.
  • CONFIGURABLE: It’s easy to create a configurable product such as build your own computer by selecting individual hardware components.
  • COMPARE AND FILTER PRODUCTS: Product specifications are displayed on the product page, allow customers to compare multiple products, and filter them as they wish.

Sell digital downloads such as software, photo, music, sounds, eBooks and more. Downloads can include multiple files.

  • SAMPLE OR TRIALS: Customer can download the sample or trial prior to completing a purchase.
  • LIMITS: Optionally, limit the number of times a customer may download the product after completing the purchase to a maximum number of downloads and/or within a maximum number of days.
  • SECURITY: Automatically manages the security of your digital goods with time-sensitive links that automatically expire within a few minutes so your customers cannot share them with others.

Your business will be flexible with different shipping options.

  • CONFIGURABLE MEASURES: Specify a length, width, height, and weight for each product to compute real-time shipping rates.
  • FREE SHIPPING: Products can be configured to ship free and self-promote by displaying a Free Shipping badge.
  • ADDITIONAL CHARGE: Individual products can have additional shipping or handling charge such as due to oversize packaging.
  • REMOVE SHIPPING OPTIONS AT CHECKOUT: If you don’t want to offer shipping at all — that is, you don’t want to ship certain products to certain countries you can remove it.

Manage easily with a powerful inventory tool.

  • TRACK BY PRODUCT OR VARIANT: You can track how many of a specific item you have in stock, or you could dive deeper and track by colour and type or another variant.
  • DISPLAY STOCK AVAILABILITY: Let the customers know if you have the product in stock or not. Stock levels can be shown in real-time or can be forced to show In or Out of Stock.
  • AUTOMATIC LOW STOCK NOTIFICATION: Let the warehouse or inventory manager know when a product drops below a certain level so it can be re-ordered.
  • ENFORCE MIN OR MAX ORDER QUANTITY: Our platform gives you the capability to configure the product that at least a specific amount must be purchased if you need to move inventory quicker. On the other hand, you may want to limit the maximum quantity to 1 if you have a hot product with limited supply.

Look how you like.

  • RESTRICT BY ROLE: You may have a set of products that are only visible to a certain group. Customer must be a part of a specific security role to be able to search, view, and purchase the product.
  • ACTIVE DATE RANGE: Products can be scheduled to automatically become active between a specific date range or expire after a certain date.
  • HIDE FROM CATALOGUE: A product's visibility can also be restricted to catalogue, search results, catalogue and search results, or it can only be viewed by direct URL.

Do marketing even when you selling.

  • UPSELLS: On the product page, market other products with better reviews or higher price point such as “What do customers ultimately buy after viewing this item?
  • CROSS SELLS: If your customer is buying a shirt then it makes sense to cross sell tie, coat, or shoes? Cross sells appear on the cart page giving the customer a chance to add additional products.
  • FEATURED: Market your chosen products as featured whether you have a hot product in your hand or you’re trying to offload some inventory.
  • BESTSELLING: Automatically show the bestselling products across your store based on either the number of units sold or the revenue generated for a specific time.
  • NEW: Displays the “New” badge to grab attention to newly arrived products. Store manager can configure the date range until a product is considered new.
  • FREE SHIPPING: Displays the "Free Shipping" badge to grab attention to products that will ship for free.
  • ON SALE: Displays the "On Sale" badge to grab attention to on sale products. Store manager can configure the date range until a product is on sale.

Processing orders has never been that easy.

  • RECEIVING ORDERS: Store Managers can quickly review the orders at a glance in the Dashboard. Processing orders is easy with each order’s status clearly marked.
  • CAPTURE PAYMENTS: Payment Extensions can be configured to automatically capture payments or authorise only and capture later.
  • PROCESS ORDERS: Orders are ready to ship when the payment is authorised or captured; digital downloads become available. Orders are automatically marked complete when all items have been shipped.
  • CANCEL & REFUND ORDERS: Store managers can easily cancel an order. Payments are automatically refunded if supported by the Payment Extension.

Grab your customers’ attention by offering interesting discounts.

  • DISCOUNT TYPES: Discounts can be applied to products, categories, manufactures, or to the order total.
  • FIXED/PERCENTAGE: Discounts can be of a fixed amount or a percentage. A maximum discount amount can be specified if using percentage such as discount 20% up to a maximum of $100. Discounts can be scheduled to be active between a date range or automatically expire after a certain date.
  • COUPON CODES: Discounts can require coupon codes that customers must use for discount to apply.
  • LIMITS: Discount can be used unlimited times or limited times only. Discount can apply to multiple quantities or limited quantities only. Discounts can also be combined with other discounts or only the highest discount is applied.

You’ll be found easily.

  • SITEMAP: Automatically creates a sitemap for all products, categories, and manufacturers.
  • CUSTOM URLs: Custom Friendly URLs for each category, manufacturer, and product. Even customise the URL of specific features of the store such as wish-list, search, product comparison, and other features.
  • CLEAN URLs: Clean URLs such as www.yoursite.com/product allows a store manager to complete control over the URL.
  • META INFORMATION: Automatically create your meta title and description using a template. Your catalogue would be SEO friendly even if the product manager forgot to add SEO meta information.
  • STRUCTURED DATA: Improve your overall click-through rate (CTR) by increasing user engagement. Structured Data can enhance your products in the search engine results page (SERP) by giving extra details with rich snippets.
  • OPEN TAGS: Automatically maps what content shows up when a product is shared on social networks.

Be on top of your business with quick and detailed reports.

  • SALE REPORT : Make it easy to track sales over time, across different products, categories, manufactures, and promotions.
  • INVENTORY REPORT: Inventory reports quickly list products that are low or out of stock.
  • DASHBOARD: Automatically shows the relevant information such as sales, order fulfilment, and inventory management.

Make sure everyone is on the same page.

  • FLEXIBLE NOTIFICATIONS: Automatic email notifications can be created for customers and staff accounts. It gives you the capability of sending notification at each stage such as when order is received, processed, completed, shipped or cancelled.
  • NOTIFICATIONS ON PAYMENT: You can have notification when payment is authorized, captured, voided, or refunded.
  • STOCK NOTIFICATION: Let the warehouse or inventory manager know when a product drops below a certain level so it can be re-ordered.

Everyone has his/her own specific area.

  • CUSTOMERS ACCOUNT: Customers can have order history, address book, their wishlist, and digital downloads in one location.
  • STAFF ACCOUNTS: Create as many staff email accounts as your business requirements such as Shipping Manager, Inventory Manager, Sales Manager, Purchase Manager, and so on.

Checkout has never been that sweet.

  • ONE PAGE CHECKOUT: Streamline the checkout experience by reducing the number of steps and clicks required; results in increased revenue and conversions.
  • GUEST CHECKOUT: You can let your customers breeze through the ordering process with Guest Checkout and skip login and registration; results in increased revenue and conversions.
  • SHIPPING: Customer can choose from multiple Shipping options as configured by store manager including flat or real-time rates.
  • PAYMENTS: Customer can choose from multiple Payment Options as configured by store manager including Credit Card, PayPal, Afterpay and more.
  • RESTRICT SHIPPING BY LOCATION: Store manager can restrict shipping address to certain countries and/or regions.
  • RESTRICT PURCHASE BY LOCATION: Store manager can restrict billing address to certain countries and/or regions.
  • ENFORCE MIN OR MAX ORDER TOTAL: Customers may be enforced to purchase at least a minimum amount to checkout.
  • TAX SCHEDULES: Different tax categories allow the store manager to specify different tax rates for different products.
  • TAX ADDRESS: Store manager can specify whether to calculate tax based on billing address, shipping address, or an admin specified address.

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